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Welcome to! This website will have all information you need for street car racing, tips and enhancement parts and descriptions.

Make your car a rocket! With our car enhancements, racing parts and safety articles, you'll have a hardcore ride in no time!

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Air Filter

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If you think safety is something that will take care of itself, you should stop and think. You enjoy racing, right? Then if you neglect safety concerns, it could seriously affect your ability to race in the future. With that in mind, here are simple tips that will help you play it safe this racing season.
Burn Protection
One of the most dangerous situations a driver can put himself in is to be the wick in an explosive situation. A severe burn can be life threatening or career ending...

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The race may depend on the launch, but it also depends on how much you know about your car. Every car has its own launching method, and the techniques detailed here will help you determine what is best for your car. All you need to do is experiment with your car, and be aware of any changes to your setup, tarmac quality or weather conditions that could change what you thought was the best method. Pretty much the only hard and fast rule is to practice in various conditions. Drag racing is definitely hard on your car, but to become consistent in your driving, you will have to sacrifice some hard-earned cash for tires, repairs and modifications.

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