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Bug shields

Bug shields have come a long way since the days of that upright blue-plastic beast on the front of your uncle's Caprice wagon. Nowadays, auto bug shields and truck bug shields come in great-looking aero styles that fit the contours of your vehicle. And bug shields still do what they've always done: protect the leading edge of your hood from stone chips, bug residue, and other road debris. Think about the abuse your hood takes from driving and you'll see why bug shields are more than just a styling accessory. Bug shields really do protect your investment. We stock bug shields from leading manufacturers like Lund in sizes to fit nearly any car, truck, van, or SUV on the road. Lund bug shields are made from premium-grade acrylic with molded-in aero styling to provide top-notch protection without interfering with the aerodynamics of your vehicle. So pick up one of our auto bug shields or truck bug shields today. Whether you install it for the look or for the protection, you can't go wrong with a bug shield.

Deflecta bug shields

Bug shield is really kind of a strange term. After all, it's not the occasional June bug you're worried about when you install a Deflecta bug shield. "Stone shield" or perhaps "whatever just fell out of that dump truck in front of me" shield would be more appropriate. And the folks at Deflecta bug shields know that. That's why they make their Deflecta Shield bug shields out of a polycarbonate material that's unbreakable in normal situations. Rocks, road debris, and of course, bugs, will be stopped by your Deflecta bug shield so you don't end up with paint damage on your hood. The polycarbonate construction of every Deflecta bug shield is just one of the reasons you should choose a Deflecta bug shield. Another is ease of installation. On popular applications, Deflecta bug shields feature no-drill installation utilizing existing holes in your car, truck, van, or SUV. Don't like the smoke color of Deflecta bug shields? No problem: Order your Deflecta bug shield clear, and paint the backside whatever color you like. It's that easy with a Deflecta bug shield. Deflecta bug shields come in full-height configurations with both wrap-around and non-wrap around designs. We have Deflecta bug shields in stock and ready for fast delivery for most makes and models of vehicles, and you can always count on our low prices. So install a Deflecta bug shield now, or risk expensive paint damage later.

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