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You've put down the long green for a megawatt stereo system, including a high-buck head unit. Now it's time to lose the coat-hanger antenna you've been using. Feed your stereo a signal that's worthy of your investment with one of our car antennas. Whether you need a power antenna, just an antenna mast, or a special high-gain antenna, we have a huge selection of car antennas that will provide a full signal to your car's am/fm receiver. There's a lot of science that's gone into mobile antenna design these days. Take a close look at some of the OE antennas out there, like Ford antennas, Honda antennas, and VW antennas. The antenna length and antenna materials used make a huge difference in the quality of reception you receive on your car stereo. You listen to mostly CDs and MP3s, you say? You still need a good car antenna to pick up the hundreds of AM/FM stations out there, and the time is going to come when you or a passenger want to listen to the radio. Don't get hit with static when that time comes--invest in a good quality car antenna today.

Harrada Antenna

Need a new Harada antenna for your car, truck, van, or SUV? Don't dig in the closet for a metal clothes hanger. Pick up a new Harada antenna and get your FM tunes back the right way. Vehicle antennas go bad for a number of reasons. Occasionally, the thin wires inside your non Harada antenna break, causing poor reception. Or you may have been the victim of a Harada antenna sculpture artist, and the mangled appendage on the front of your car just doesn't seem to be working anymore. Either way, you can get a new Harada antenna for whatever you drive. Each Harada antenna is precision-manufactured to provide the best possible stereo reception for your vehicle. Need a Harada power antenna? No problem. We stock manual and power Harada antennas in exact-fit and custom-fit variations. In fact, in many cases, a Harada antenna may have come on your vehicle from the factory, so you know a replacement Harada antenna is going to work right the first time. Choose from our huge selection of Harada antennas and Harada antenna components. You can count on our everyday discount prices on Harada antennas, and our fast shipping will get your music back before you know it.

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