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Making Your Car RattleFree

Try playing loud music inside your vehicle. You would notice that there are vibrations and you certainly could feel it. Now, imagine if you had this huge and complicated sound system installed inside your car. Just imagine what would your car's situation be.This is probably the very reason as per why sound deadeners came into being.

What they do is they block out any road noise so that you would be able to just relax while driving and enjoy your music. Along with that, sound deadeners also prevent any vibration, resonance or rattling of the metal parts of your vehicle when you start playing your music quite loudly.

To install sound deadeners, you should first have the sound deadening material available along with a knife or a scalpel, some glue, a hair dryer, a roller, acetone, and rags. As per the material, make sure that you get it out in the sun first to get it warm.You see, this sound deadening material is easier to work with and is more pliable once warm.

Take out your car's seats, dashboard, door panels, and carpet. Also make sure that you strip the carpet from the trunk.Clean the surface of your car including the floor, the firewall, the doors, and the trunk. You can use the acetone to do this part. And when you have done so, spray on the glue to the metal surface. Then, peel off the backing from the deadening material and apply it to the metal surface.

Make sure that the material adheres and sticks to the surface. Check with the use of a roller. To keep the material pliable as you apply it, use a hair dryer to continually heat it up.

It is also important that you keep out any bubbles or bumps so that you can assure yourself that the material has adhered completely.

If there are some areas where there are ridges, make sure that the material actually fills the gaps. The wrong thing to assume would be that it is okay to put in the material and just bridge any gaps.

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By: Joe Ratzkin

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