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Air Filter

Did you know that the average car or truck air filter needs to be replaced on a yearly basis, regardless of how dirty it looks? That air filter replacement interval drops even more if the vehicle is used in dusty areas or extreme-use situations. Your auto air filter plugs up and gradually loses its efficiency over time, flowing less and less air until your car or truck is literally choked. The result is poor fuel economy and sluggish performance even though your air filter may not look that dirty. The answer is simple and inexpensive: A replacement air filter. We stock replacement air filters for most makes of cars, trucks, and SUVs, so don't neglect this essential but easy-to-forget part. For those of you who would like to extract more power from your vehicle, a high-performance air filter, sometimes called a high-flow air filter, is the quickest way to start. High-performance auto air filters from K&N air filter flow more air with less restriction than stock paper air filters. K&N air filters are also washable and reusable, meaning you never have to buy another performance air filter again. K&N air filters are even backed by a million-mile warranty, so you know you're buying quality. Check out our huge selection of K&N performance air filters today, and start feeling the difference a high-flow air filter can make in your ride! ( We are not affiliated with k&n )

Accel Air filters

You'd be amazed how many drivability complaints can be traced back to a dirty air filter. Everything from sluggish acceleration to poor gas mileage can be brought on if you haven't changed your air filter lately. So be certain to replace the filter element at least once a year, and when you do replace it, use a high-quality, brand name filter like our Accel air filter. Accel air filters are made by the same company you've come to count on for high-performance parts for years, so you know that each Accel air filter is going to give you the quality you've come to expect. Accel air filters are available in a couple of different configurations. If you simply want a stock replacement Accel air filter, there is a high-quality line of Accel air filters that use paper filter media and foam gaskets. A step above generic parts-store brand air filters, these Accel air filters meet or exceed all OE filter specifications. Want to go the next step up in Accel air filter performance? Choose the high-flow performance Accel air filter. Using a cotton gauze filter media and tough construction, high-flow Accel air filters are designed to be washable and reusable while flowing more air and trapping smaller particles. With two great lines of Accel air filters out there, you have no excuse for getting one of those "orange box specials" from the auto parts store. Step up to an Accel air filter, and get great pricing and super fast shipping right here.

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