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Coil Springs

Horsepower and handling are two of the things that make a car great. If you've got the former but not the latter, it's time to look at a new set of car coil springs. Auto coil springs are the foundation of your suspension system. Old coil springs sag, reducing ride height and ride comfort. But the coil springs on some cars, even when new, just don't give you the kind of cornering you want from your car, and can make your vehicle look like it sits too high. The answer is a new set of coil springs, custom-engineered to give you the curb height and handling characteristics you want. New coil springs can lower your car, showing off your wheels instead of your wheelwells. Coil springs also change the handling characteristics of your car, giving you better grip and flatter cornering. After all, factory coil springs, like Honda coil springs, Toyota coil springs, and VW coil springs, are engineered as a compromise between comfort and performance. If you want no-compromises handling out of your car, new coil springs should be at the top of your list. We have a great selection of replacement coil springs and high-performance coil springs available. Our coil springs allow you to custom tune the handling characteristics of your vehicle. And don't forget to check out our high-performance shock absorbers while you're changing coil springs. Coil springs and shock absorbers work together to give you great handling, and you can get great handling at a great price right here.

Eibach coil springs

When you're thinking about suspension upgrades and vehicle lowering, it's easy to get overwhelmed. After all, how do you put together parts from various manufacturers and still end up with a drivable car? The answer is an Eibach Pro Kit. The Eibach Pro Kit is a complete set of springs engineered for each individual application. Using an Eibach Pro Kit, you get a matched set of progressive lowering springs that take your car down just the right amount--not slammed, but not on stilts anymore either. Each Eibach Pro Kit is manufactured with driving comfort in mind, too. What you end up with after installation of an Eibach Pro Kit is a lowered vehicle that still rides well on the street, but handles better in corners as well. Designed by engineers with enthusiast input, the Eibach Pro Kit reduces squat and dive under acceleration and braking while lowering the vehicle's center of gravity. You get great handling and a great ride all in one box with the Eibach Pro Kit. Pick up an Eibach Pro Kit for your ride today. Regardless of what you drive, old or new, import or domestic, an Eibach Pro Kit is probably available for your car. And when you buy from us, you're assured of the best prices and fast shipping for your Eibach Pro Kit.

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