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Cold air intake

Feed your motor what it wants! Forcing your engine to ingest its combustion air from under the hood, through a restrictive airbox and stock paper air filter, is giving away free horsepower. A cold air intake, or cool air intake, will restore that lost power! Cold air intakes route intake plumbing away from hot underhood areas, and deliver air through a free-flowing air filter and smooth intake passages. The result? Cooler, denser air is delivered in greater quantities at higher velocities to your throttle body. Denser air, and more of it, equals power. How much power you get depends on the type of vehicle. Some imports with crowded engine bays, such as Honda intakes, Toyota intakes, and Mazda intakes, can benefit significantly by adding a cold air intake. And there's no downside to cold air intakes. If you're interested in adding horsepower and torque to your car, truck, van, or SUV, adding a cold air intake should be your first step. We stock a huge selection of cold air intakes from the industry leaders. AEM cold air intakes and K&N cold air intakes are some of the best in the business. AEM cold air intakes and K&N cold air intakes provide the best-flowing filters and lowest-restriction airbox plumbing available today. Just pick your application, order your cold air intake, and feel the difference that a free-breathing engine can make.

AEM Cold air intake

Did you know your car makes more power on a cold day than on a hot day? That's because cold air is denser than hot air, so your engine can pack more of it into the cylinders. More air equals more power--it's like Mother Nature's turbocharger. AEM has taken that concept and produced their line of AEM cold air intake systems. AEM cold air intakes bring cooler outside air to your engine rather than the hot underhood air ingested by factory systems. AEM cold air intakes route this cooler air through a high-flow air filter, then through a smooth aluminum duct reducing drag losses on the airflow. With an AEM cold air intake system, you get cool, filtered air delivered to your throttle body, ready to burn. AEM didn't stop there, though. New on the market is the AEM V2 cold air intake. The AEM V2 takes the original AEM cold air intake system and improves it with tuned ductwork. The resulting sonic pulses let the AEM V2 cold air intake offer improved power and torque across the entire RPM range of your vehicle. And with its powdercoated titanium-look finish, the AEM V2 cold air intake system looks as good as it works. We have AEM cold air intake systems and AEM V2 cold air intakes available for many popular applications, all at the lowest prices you're going to find. And adding an AEM cold air intake is straightforward, making it a great first step to boosting your vehicle's horsepower.

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