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Back in the day when your car's electrical accessories consisted of lights, a horn, and the heater blower, the alternator (or generator for you real old-timers) had it pretty easy: 50 or 60 amps usually did the trick, leaving you with power to spare. Not anymore: The high-output car and truck alternators in modern vehicles have a much harder life, with luxury items like heated seats, high-amp stereos, HID headlights, and moonroofs all competing for the alternator's power. Those goodies need lots of juice, and 100+ amp alternators are becoming more and more common. If your car or truck's alternator isn't up to snuff, you and your fancy DVD system are going to be on the side of the road. We feature a huge selection of new and rebuilt car and truck alternators from top name suppliers. Need a Bosch alternator for your Maxima? Not a problem. Need a Delco alternator for your Firebird? It's here. Need more juice for whatever you're driving? High-amp alternators and high-output alternators are also available for many applications. Manufactured using only premium-quality magnets, windings, and bearings, all of our alternators will put the power back in your car, truck, van, or SUV. And don't forget the other items needed for your alternator to work its best: The alternator belt, voltage regulator (where required), battery cables and associated wiring all need to be in good shape to deliver the goods from your car or truck alternator. A charging system tune-up will keep you on the road, and you'll find all the alternator parts you need right here.

Bosh alternators

When dealing with something as important as your alternator, you don't want to take chances with second-best. That's why a Bosch alternator should be under your hood. When an alternator goes south, you can get stuck in a hurry. No lights, no heater, and no charging for your battery. Plus, a bad alternator can fry expensive computer controls. It's just not worth the chance. Not when a genuine Bosch alternator is a mouse click away. New Bosch alternators use premium-quality components and are rigorously tested for long life and durability. That's why so many automakers specify Bosch alternators on their new vehicles. And if you'd prefer a rebuilt Bosch alternator, you're still ahead of the game. All rebuilt Bosch alternators utilize far more new components than the competition. That includes new bearings and friction surfaces every time--only in a Bosch alternator. There's a Bosch alternator, new or rebuilt, for most domestic and import vehicles on the road today. And we have Bosch alternators here at the lowest prices you'll find anywhere. So don't take a chance and end up in the dark--replace your alternator with a genuine Bosch alternator.

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