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Fuel Pump

If oil is the lifeblood of your car or truck engine, then fuel is the adrenaline. Whether you're running a monster Holley four-barrel or electronic fuel injection, that shot of gas isn't going to get to the cylinders unless the fuel pump is up to the job. Whether you need a Carter fuel pump, Holley fuel pump, Bosch fuel pump, or one of the hundreds of other applications we have, you can trust our premium-quality fuel pumps to deliver the performance your car is capable of. Remember, clean fuel is essential. When replacing a fuel pump in your car or truck, be sure to install a new fuel filter and/or fuel pump strainer. Cars with a mechanical fuel pump may need just a filter, but vehicles with an electric fuel pump may need both a fuel filter and a fuel pump strainer. This is an essential step to keep contaminants out of your fuel system. Check our online part listings or ask your sales representative if you need more information. Need to know how to change a fuel pump? We have a huge selection of car and truck repair manuals that can take you through the fuel pump replacement process step-by-step!

Bosch Fuel Pump

Unlike during the days of carbureted cars, modern fuel pumps have to provide extremely high levels of fuel pressure and fuel flow. Without both of these capabilities, the high-performance fuel injection systems on our favorite vehicles just won't work correctly. That's where Bosch fuel pumps come in. Bosch electric fuel pumps are engineered to provide the high pressures required by fuel injected cars, and the high flow needed to keep fuel at the ready no matter what conditions your car is facing. That's why Bosch fuel pumps are standard equipment on so many of the top-performing cars and trucks today. Forget generic-fit universal fuel pumps. Bosch electric fuel pumps are designed specifically for each individual application. In situations where a Bosch fuel pump wasn't standard, a replacement Bosch fuel pump is guaranteed to fit and function as well as or better than OE electric fuel pumps. You can trust Bosch fuel pumps because the leading automakers trust Bosch fuel pumps. And you'll find a great selection of Bosch fuel pumps available here to fit many domestic and imported vehicles. Our discount Bosch electric fuel pumps will feed your engine without breaking the bank. And don't forget to fit a new fuel filter when installing your Bosch electric fuel pump--Bosch fuel pumps need clean fuel to work with, and you'll protect your investment with a fresh fuel filter.

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