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Car bra

It's impossible to talk about the car bra without making a joke about how well car bra supports your front end. So there, it's out of the way and we can get down to business. A car bra, also called a front-end mask, is a piece of vinyl that wraps around the exposed front portion of your vehicle. Not surprisingly, a custom car bra protects against flying rocks, debris, and myriad other odds and ends that might smack the front of your car, causing dents and scratches. A car bra is also a styling accessory, though, creating a sleek, custom look at the front of your ride. The auto car bra has come a long way in recent years, and now provides much better protection while allowing your paint to breathe too. And speaking of protection, there's no better way than installing a car bra to keep your front end ding-free. With a heavy vinyl outer layer and padding beneath, a car bra can stop a hit from a fairly large chunk of junk without telegraphing the impact to the paint below. And, unlike some other front-end protective devices, a car bra is easy to remove and reinstall at a moment's notice. As with all our auto accessories, you can find a car bra custom-fitted for your ride at the lowest wholesale prices right here. To ensure that you only get the best car bra, we only carry the top name brands in the country. That means the fit will be tight, the protection will be thorough, and, when you buy your car bra here, the price will be rock-bottom.

Lebra Car bra

So what's in a Lebra car bra for you? Well, selection is certainly one thing to consider when you're looking at the Lebra bra. There's a Lebra bra made for nearly any vehicle on the road today, so if you want a car bra and you have an unusual model, the Lebra bra may be your best bet. Also, the Lebra bra has done away with that old car bra problem, water entrapment. The Lebra bra is micro-perforated so the surface beneath your Lebra bra actually dries itself while you drive! But the best reason to select the Lebra bra for your front end protection solution is because the Lebra bra simply offers more coverage and more protection than other options. The full wrap-around leather cover on a Lebra bra keeps more of your paint under wraps. That's not a problem come oil-check time, though: A two-piece Lebra bra allows you to open your hood without unfastening the Lebra bra--that's something that many competitors don't offer. You can even take your Lebra racing with you, since a Lebra bra covers some of those drag-enhancing front end openings. And don't worry about price: A Lebra bra is cost-effective protection when you buy your Lebra bra from us at our everyday discount prices. We'll even ship your Lebra bra the day you order it so you can get covered up in a hurry.

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