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Why The Size And Strength Of Batteries Is Holding Back The Electric Car Market

Have you ever used a battery? Of course you have. It is highly unlikely that there is anyone alive today that has not used a battery. Many times you do not realize how much you depend on batteries until they die and you do not have any spares around.

When you think about batteries you may not think about the batteries that power your vehicle, but these too are batteries. They can be recharged and last much longer than the double A or nine volt batteries that charge the cd players or flashlights that you were probably thinking of but they are batteries nonetheless. They also require different care than the batteries that you may have had in mind originally. With the price of gas and the pollution involved, alternatives have been developed to the vehicles that we have always used. One of the first is the electric car. The electric car depends highly on a rechargeable battery and of primary concern with this is the capacity of the battery, the size of the battery, and with size also comes the weight of the battery.

As it stands right now the size of a car battery is tied to the strength of a car battery. A regular car battery is nine inches by twelve inches, by seven inches in size. What is most important is power. It takes power to move the car and power to maintain speed above ten to fifteen miles per hour. This power must come from the battery. In the case of electric cars this power must come from the battery.

In order to get more power (more amps) from a battery it requires more size and/or more batteries. In order to get the speed needed for the electrical vehicles you actually need several batteries. By using several batteries, obviously you take up more space, by taking up more space; you lose more space for other things. Since the parts of a vehicle are pretty much mandatory what you lose is seating space and/or storage space.

Because of this, we are down to two seats with the electric car. So, obviously there are some problems with the electric cars. There are some situations to be resolved.

With the environmental issues that are resolved it is definitely worth trying to resolve the issues. More and more people are concerned about the environment and as this concerns mounts they are realizing that electric cars may be the way to go for environmental safety. Cars that can use a combination of gas and electricity are referred to as hybrids.

Currently these types of cars are quite expensive but as time goes on the price will go down.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as car accessories at

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