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Why Get A Steering Wheel Cover

A steering wheel cover, if you can't figure it out by the name already, is a cover.for your steering wheel. :) Steering wheel covers are becoming more commonly used in cars today.

They serve two main purposes: * - Aesthetics (It has to look good!) * - Grip Steering wheel covers actually started being used way back when cars weren't even being imported yet. The steering wheels were very thin and made of slippery hard plastic so using a steering wheel cover helped improve the grip and security of the drivers. When vehicles began to be imported, they were coming in with thicker wheels built into the vehicle already so American car makers began to make steering wheels thicker as well to be able to compete. If your car came with a boring steering wheel, why suffer? Want some luxury? Maybe some sportiness? Is it peeling and looking older than you'd like? Steering Wheel Covers are an easy fix! Anybody can install one and have a completely new looking steering wheel in minutes. They come in so many different varieties.

The most popular ones are by far the leather steering wheel covers. They also come in Wood Grain, Carbon Fiber, Rubber, Vinyl, Flames, Manufacturers logos on them Basically anything you can imagine, they've probably already thought of it too and made one. You'll see everything from the mild ones to the wild sheepskin steering wheel covers if you just really take a look at other people's cars.

For a cheap price, you get better safety and looks for your car. Yet another no-brainer and win-win situation for you.

--Alan Valdes is the President/CEO of HS Auto Shop, LLC This article was taken from our "Steering Wheel and Wheel Covers Blog" at All blogs are owned and operated by HS Auto Shop, LLC

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