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What Is E Ethanol And How Is It Made

With gasoline prices rising higher and higher, with no relief in sight, consumers are becoming more aware of and more interested in alternative fuel sources. One of those viable fuel sources is E85 ethanol. These days, there is quite a bit of talk about this fuel, and why shouldn't there be? After all, it costs close to thirty five percent less than gasoline and is quickly becoming a preferred choice for motorists at the pump stations. E85 ethanol is already widely used in Brazil with about 90 percent of Brazil's vehicles able to use E85 ethanol.

Although a much lower percentage of vehicles in the United State's are flexible fuel vehicles, and therefore able to burn E85 ethanol, it is quickly gainer favor.

What is E 85 Ethanol?
When 15 percent of leaded gasoline is combined with eighty five percent of ethanol, the result is the low-cost E85 ethanol fuel.It is an alcohol-based fuel that can be produced from employing the use of two methods. The first source of production involves the fermenting and distilling of starch-like feedstock. They include corn, barley, and wheat. The next method, which is referred as bio-ethanol, involves extraction from trees and grasses.

Although the price of the Ethanol E85 may be foremost on consumer's minds, it also gets the nod from earth activists because it is an environmentally friendly product. It burns clean and its key ingredient source is renewable. Ethanol E85 also lessens the need for imported crude oil because it is locally produced, and is also known for increasing the octane rating in fuel while decreasing the harmful emissions caused by gasoline.If you are consciously trying to use less gasoline because you are aware of toxins it releases into our air think about this: if you convert to a flexible fuel vehicle and you burn E85 in that vehicle you will automatically be using 85 percent less gasoline that you previously had because 85 percent of your fuel is now ethanol and only 15 percent is gasoline.

Ethanol E85 will run well in flexible fuel vehicles like those manufactured by Daimler Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Isuzu and Nissan to name a few. But, if you don't own a vehicle by one of the above-mentioned manufacturers, you need not fear.Some people are not aware that many other cars manufactured today are Ethanol E85 compatible.

It is best to find out from your car dealer if you have a flexible fuel vehicle.

How is E85 Ethanol Made?
The method for producing Ethanol E85 is long and complex.The maker has to first extract sugar from biological feedstock in order to begin the process. Corn is the leading ingredient in Ethanol E85 gas in the United States. In Brazil, sugar cane is the leading ingredient in ethanol.The starch in these crops can easily be converted into sugar.

Sugar for this fuel can also be extracted from cellulose, which is a sugar based ingredient found in trees and grasses.

Once the feedstock is collected, it goes through a grinding process to extract the sugar.Sugar fed into microbes quickly produces ethanol and carbon dioxide, which is purified to get the ethanol to the right consistency.

There is another method of manufacturing Ethanol E85 oil or grain alcohol, as it is also known, and this is through a wet-milling process. This is also the method that large-scale manufacturers use when producing high-fructose corn sweetener.

Ethanol E85 is an innovative and renewable resource with many positive characteristics, making it one of the leading topics of discussion for those looking to help the earth and looking to keep a few extra bucks in their wallet.Although E85 is currently only available at approximately 600 pumps in the United States, that number is expected to grow significantly in the next few years.

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