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Various Types of Tires

Today tires are being designed to suit the needs of every driver. There are tire companies that offer a complete line of tires for passenger vehicles, light trucks and commercial vehicles as well as giant tires for off road performance. Whatever the type of vehicle you have, you can get tires that fir the make and model of your car or truck. The most common type of tires that people buy is all season tires.

These tires feature a special all weather design in the tread so you know that they are dependable in whatever driving conditions you may encounter. These types of tires have deep open groves that provide excellent traction in water because these grooves throw the eater away from the long lateral sipes. There are companies that specialize in making winter tires that use what is called the microbit compound that gives the tires an extra grip on the road.

These tires have a new unidirectional pattern in the tread for better traction when driving in snow. There are other tires that are made specially for driving on ice and in slippery conditions. These tires usually are more expensive then all season tires as they are made for a certain time of the year. There are certain tire and wheel companies that create tires for light trucks that feature a compute-designed variable pitch tread so that that there is less noise when you are driving. They have a deep traction tread and a special shoulder block design for improved grip in wet or snowy driving conditions. The wear on the tires is minimized by an optimized design with open lateral sipes and a proper tread radius so that the tires receive a more uniform wear.

The light truck tires are constructed with high ply turn up so that the response from the steering wheel is enhanced, giving the truck better stability when carrying a heavy load.

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