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Used Car Extended Warranties

An extended warranty is a policy that provides the car owner protection against any mechanical failures and breakdown of the car. One should buy an extended warranty as it pays for mechanical repairs on the expiry of the manufacturer's warranty. Used car extended warranties are available; their rates depend on the mileage of the car.

Whenever you buy a used car, it is important to check if there is any time left on the warranty of the car. Warranties are generally transferable when a vehicle is sold, and the longer the time remaining on the warranty, the better it is for your peace of mind.While the used car extended warranty only covers half the failures of high-mileage cars, those with mileage over 60,000 km don't generally get a used car extended warranty at all. Generally, used car extended warranties have little standardization in them. The most common used car extended warranty is the three-month/3000 mile warranty that covers only the major drivetrain (the engine, transmission, or transaxle and rear end) components of the car.

Just remember that these warranties are usually either/or, meaning that the warranty ends when either the time or the mileage has surpassed, whichever is first.Whatever the coverage of the used car extended warranty may be, it is important to be clear on the limits of its coverage, as some warranties tend to have more exclusions than inclusions in the policies. Most of the used car extended warranties provide nationwide protection through out U.S. and Canada. The car owner has the liberty of taking the vehicle to any place for repairs, and the repair cost is covered by the warranty.

There is coverage twenty-four hours a day for roadside assistance, for towing, and for a rental car. So with a used car extended warranty, one need not worry over dead batteries and punctured tires while on the road.However, before you actually buy a used car extended warranty and before you go to a dealer, it is better to get free online auto warranty quotes.

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By: Thomas Morva

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