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Truck Wash Issues in Texas Rural Areas

One big issues with any truck wash is labor of course and one has to ask if you can secure enough labor to wash all the trucks when you get busy. In West Texas or North West Texas there is labor available and generally the labor is Mexican-American and very hard working.If you are considering a Truck Wash in Texas labor is a very big issue indeed and that is great that you have labor there.There are also issues with water and the Perpetual Drought issue is a big deal too. As far as the Ogalala Aquifer it said to be plentiful down to Amarillo and a little past there, but some say that might change in the future and they say it is plentiful today, but not for long it is shrinking on all sides.Of course it is a much bigger issue along the Colorado NE and WY-NE border, KS-CO border too, farmers are worried and wells are dry in some parts, big issues, it is not so unlimited as we once thought.

But in those North West areas of Texas for now you seem to be alright you see. Maybe there will be plenty for a while since that area is at the bottom of the aquifer. Most people do not even realize it went much past Amarillo.

So the main consideration of Labor and Water seem to be available, but are critical and thus a truck wash on a busy highway does make sense in that part of Texas and therefore something to consider of course. So think on this in 2006.

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