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Tips On Buying A Hybrid Car

With everyone trying to conserve fuel and avoid spending an arm and a leg at the gas pump hybrid vehicles are quickly becoming the next big thing. Many manufactures have started producing high quality hybrids and with many options available it can be hard to determine which one to choose. When it comes time to choose a hybrid vehicle there are two things that should be considered in addition to your pre-established budget.

Mileage is the main feature many hybrid shoppers are looking for. The mileage of the vehicle refers to the miles one can drive per gallon of gas. The more miles a vehicle can drive per gallon, the less times the vehicle needs to be refuelled which ultimately saves the consumer gas.

Most hybrids range between 48 and 57 miles per gallon for automatic vehicles and 51 to 66 miles per gallon for vehicles with manual transmission. When looking at hybrids ask the dealer how many miles per gallon you can expect to get with your new vehicle. Find out what the miles per gallon will be for highway driving versus driving in the city. Starting and stopping a vehicle constantly will severely reduce the mileage the driver will be able to get per gallon. Most car dealers will only quote the mileage for best highway conditions with a manual transmission vehicle.

Always find out what mileage the same vehicle will get with automatic transmission while being driven in heavy city traffic. In this situation it is not uncommon to see a vehicles mileage go from 60 miles per gallon down to 28 miles per gallon. Size is another factor that must be considered when shopping for a hybrid.

Initially hybrids were only available in two different sizes but eventually manufactures began making improvements in response to consumer feedback. When looking at the various different hybrids be sure to find a size that is going to be best suited to your individual needs. Many dealers will instantly show the biggest hybrid vehicle on the lot taking advantage of the fact that many consumers do not realize that smaller hybrid vehicles are available.

When looking for a hybrid vehicle ask to see the smallest hybrid on the lot first and work your way up. If the dealer is trying to convince you to get a larger vehicle be practical. Will you actually need all of the space that you are being shown? Think about the passengers that will be in your vehicle during the average road trip or run to the grocery store. Also think about the amount of groceries you usually purchase. If you do not do any major shopping and if you do not transport more than two or three people in your vehicle at a time (including yourself) do not waste your money on a large hybrid that will never be used to its maximum potential.

Nicholas writes for a motor insurance site, where you can also read an article on eco-friendly car insurance.

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