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THE BEST ALLOY WHEELS FROM SMART WHEELS Smart Wheels offers the largest choice of alloy wheels and tyres. Our selection includes AC Schnitzer, Advanti, RacingAlpina, AMG Antera, AXE, BBS, Breyton, Carlsson, Compomotive, Devil, Fondmetal, Fox, Off Road, Fox Racing, Fox RS, Fuel, Hartge, Innovit, KEI, Racing, Kosei Racing, Lenso, Lorinser, MOMO, MVK, OZ Racing Speedline, Corse, Toora, TSW, Vemiri and Wolfrace. If you require an alloy wheel you like that is not listed here then please call us we can order this for you! All the wheels supplied from us are original manufacturer's wheel. We at Smartwheels will be in touch with you and keep you informed through the phone and email throughout the ordering and dispatch process.

If you contact us with any problem we will get back to you 2 hours but guarantee to answer within one working day. We pride ourselves on our quality of service. Apart from high standards of service we also believe in meeting the expectations of our customers.

We understand that by confirming your order, you unreservedly accept our general conditions of sale, having read them. Wherever specifications are required, they will be provided by the customers in reasonable time to enable the seller to complete delivery within the period named. The prices quoted are the prices you will be required to pay. The prices indicated on the site are in Pounds Sterling and include all taxes and delivery.

All goods are sold delivered at the price ruling at the date of dispatch. You can place your orders to Smartwheels by the following three methods, by Internet on our website, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, by email or by telephone. In the event where one of the products ordered is not in stock, we will contact you in less than 15 days as of your order date to inform you how long it will be before we are able to deliver the product. The Smartwheels also offers you a replacement for an unavailable product, a product of equal price and quality uses Secure Trading to guarantee the security of your payments. We offer four methods of payment: Credit card, Debit card, Visa or MasterCard, bank transfer, finance option through V12 Finance and Pay Pal. allows you to return a product that you are not satisfied within 7 working days. Fitting your vehicle with a set of alloy wheels will improve the appearance and make your vehicle look smart and stand out from the crowd. The main advantage of the alloy wheels lies in their lightness. A lighter wheel significantly reduces the moment of inertia.

This saves a considerable amount of power in turning the wheel. The other advantages are improved acceleration, improved braking, reduced stopping distance, lighter, sharper steering that gives a better feel and more responsive handling. The tyre temperatures and pressures are more stable, and there is improved wheel & tire balancing. The fuel consumption is also reduced. The smart looks will make your vehicle look simply stunning.

Gareth Taylor is the author of this article on Alloy Wheels. Find more information about Alloy Wheels here.

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