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Sprocket Driven Wind Car Propulsion Theory

Is it possible to build a wind driven automobile using a set of sprocket and chains to drive a propeller system? Well indeed this makes sense because aircraft do this right? Sure, but aircraft do not have the tires on the ground or the friction considerations to deal with, because air is thin you see.What if we did hook up a propeller to a car to help propel it? Well the Highway Patrol would not like it because if you failed to yield to a pedestrian, you might end up cutting him in half and of course the mother of that skateboarder would have a field day with the lawyers trying to come after all your assets. Now then, just because society might not appreciate it is irregardless to the question would it work.

It may not be practical in the present period, but that does not mean that mathematically and scientifically it cannot be engineered you see? If the wind car was light and the propeller was strong then the car would be propelled and thus it would work.Aircraft taxi to the runway under their own power extremely well and have rather large bodies that they are moving too, which do not help them on the ground. So we already know that a car driven by a propeller could indeed work and we also know from Air Boats that we can put a fan shroud around the propeller to protect bystanders.The question is how would we turn the propeller, well what about a system which allowed for propeller assist on a lightweight car? In other words the wheels would turn and a sprocket and chain attached to a propeller, so as the car reached 60 miles per hour a pusher propeller system would enjoy the airflow funneling into it coming off the car and make up for the hyperbolic drag curve to improve efficiency? Although this is a half thought, perhaps it may make you think too. So, consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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