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Solar House and Car Combo Gives You Energy to Cruise

Solar Technology is becoming more and more efficient and in the last five years we have seen solar cells which are five times as efficient and only 40% the costs. Additionally battery technology is about ready to match that as well. Economies of scale and sharp-minded entrepreneurial firms will indeed make all this technology available to the average citizen within the coming decade.Which means you might have a solar house, which is very efficient and could handle all your energy needs and have some left over.

Some say they want to sell energy back to the grid that they do not use.Yet if you have an electric car, why not use it to charge up your car. And today most electric cars can only go 250 miles, but in the future they will go five times that far or 1000 miles.What does all this mean? It means no more gasoline and American, but more specifically you and your family household can be energy free and you will have broken you addiction to foreign Middle Eastern Oil once and for all? How probable is this future? Well very probable and some people are already doing it, in fact it is starting to really catch on. Can you see yourself living off the grid using solar energy to power up your house and your hybrid or fully electric car too? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Car Enhancements

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