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There is a direct correlation between merchant accounts and processing gateways. Both are Internet services that enable online processing of credit cards. Online merchant accounts can also be termed as variations of the traditional credit card processing used by retail stores.To be eligible for a merchant account, a business must satisfy certain requirements as proposed by the provider.

Each provider has a different set of requirements based on the policy and strategy of the company. Business risks also play a pivotal role in this regard.It refers to the variability of earnings before interest and taxes. Other things being equal, the higher the variability of demand for the products manufactured by the firm, the higher its business risk. A firm, which is exposed to a higher degree of volatility for the prices of its products, is in general characterized by a higher degree of business risk in comparison with similar firms, which are exposed to a lesser degree of volatility for the prices of their products.

When talking about online merchant accounts, it is worth mentioning that most of the time processing gateways are packaged with merchant accounts. Processing gateways are an intermediary to get card information from your shopping cart to the merchant account. In a broader term, gateway can be defined in a number of ways.

On the one hand it acts as a network that serves as an entrance to another network. On the other hand, in business firms, the gateway is the computer that routes the traffic from a workstation to the outside network. In homes, the gateway acts as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that connects the user to the Internet.

It can be a tedious and somewhat expensive task for some business enterprises to get merchant accounts directly from banks. Beware of brokers; they can lead you into trouble. Always seek out providers that have experience in your industry.

Also, protect yourself through disclaimers, because with any merchant account you are responsible for costly fraudulent activities and charge backs from your customers.

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By: Richard Romando

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