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Something's Wrong?Now What?.Mr. Fisher calls the 1-800 number to ask questions about parts for his Johnson outboard motor.He loves everything about his new boat, and so far he and the family have enjoyed many weekends on the sleek craft. The kids have been having a great time at the lake, and the wife has stopped adding to his honey-do list now that they're out on the boat every Saturday.

He's caught more fish than ever with the new boat, and feeling fine.But early last week, the engine started to make a funny noise. So he called the 1-800 number, and has been on hold ever since.

The asking when he'll be finished fixing the boat, and in truth he hasn't even looked at it yet. What does he know about boat engines, after all? Finally, he slams the phone down in disgust.

No one at the 1-800 number is going to help him. He might as well fix the thing himself?.Repair and maintenance on anything mechanical isn't easy - it isn't supposed to be. The more we learn and grow as a society, the more complicated mechanics and technology become.Finally, even your Johnson outboard motor is so complex that you feel you need to have a degree just to figure out why it's not running, as it should.

Once you have discovered that it isn't out of gas, you're stumped. The owner's manual is confusing and doesn't explain a thing. Where are you supposed to turn?.What Are The Options?.Taking the boat to an expensive repair shop is often considered a last resort.

Why pay so much money for something that you should reasonably be able to fix yourself? The only problem is, you aren't quite sure how to fix it. But you do know you don't want to pay someone else. So what's the next move?.Sometimes, all you need is a good place to get started. Take a look inside your owner's manual.

It won't be interesting reading by any means, but it's a good idea to read it over nonetheless.The manual will advise you on proper repair and maintenance. If that doesn't answer your questions, though, there are still resources available to you.Calling around, perhaps to the manufacturer or to some local boating shops that carry parts for your Johnson outboard. Simply ask if there is someone available to whom you could pose questions about repair and/or proper installment of replacement parts. Most people would be happy to try and help, or offer some good advice.

Granted, some people will not be able to help at all, and it might take a good deal of calling around before you turn up any valuable information, but it will be worth the effort eventually.But if you still do not feel satisfied, there are a number of good Internet sites out there that will provide information. Any search for Johnson outboards will yield results, though it might take a little digging before you turn up anything that can truly help. If you aren't very good with computers, you probably won't even want to try this.If You Absolutely Cannot Do It On Your Own If you do not feel confident servicing your Johnson outboard on your own, by all means seek professional help.

Mechanics and boat repair shops abound, and should only be considered to be a last resort when one is strapped for cash. A professional is always your best bet when it comes to repair on your Johnson outboard, because you'll want only the best for your boat.Everything from annual maintenance to simple and complex repairs is a whole lot easier when you have a helping hand to guide you. Working on your Johnson outboard without having the proper knowledge will most likely do more harm than good, and what good is a boat that does not run properly? Don't waste your time calling companies on the phone, talking to expensive mechanics' shops, or trying to replace parts all by yourself. You want your Johnson outboard to last and last, and knowing the proper maintenance and repair techniques is one way to be sure that it will.

Taking good care of your boat, using the right parts, and understanding what you are working on will help you take your Johnson outboard to the lake time and time again.

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By: Trish Dougherty

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