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Jaguar XKR Review

As we have been accustomed to by Jaguar for more than half a century, style, power and class are the main features of the new, 2007 XK-R. This luxurious sports car offered by the top British manufacturer simply takes driving to a new level. The light, all-aluminum, body structure is what gives this jewel both its agility and a high standard of safety; this feature ensures a shorter acceleration time, a more precise handling, less fuel consumption and a higher degree of resistance in case of impact. In fact, the rigidity of the coupe is 31% greater than its predecessor, while the convertible is a staggering 48% more rigid, thanks to its aluminum chassis. Available both as a coupe and a convertible, the unique design has managed to avoid the convertible looking like a coupe, unlike most sports cars. Building on the high standards of the 2005 XK, the Jaguar XK-R features a Supercharged AJ-V8 4.

2 liter engine, with 420 bhp (313 kW) at 6250 rpm, which fully meets the Euro 4 requirements for emissions. The Sequential Shift 6 speed automatic transmission is a unique development by Jaguar, allowing the driver to choose between the available driving modes (Drive, Sport Auto and Sport Manual). The engine has been refined according to the well-known Jaguar standards, to offer outstanding levels of acoustic refinement, preventing undesirable noises and vibration. The CATS (Computer Active Technology Suspension) and the Trac DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) systems are designed to automatically assist the driver by ensuring the balance between ride, handling and traction while reducing engine torque in dangerous situations.

Both these features come with the standard package. The safety devices include the Adaptive Restraint Technology System (ARTS), which automatically releases the front airbags according to a fast assessment of the frontal impact and the weight and position of the passengers, the Roll-over Protection System (on the convertible), the improved braking system, with larger ventilated disks which ensure shorter stopping distances, the integrated Intelligent Lighting System with Bi Xenon Headlights and the optional Active Front Lighting, the Active Speed Limiter, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, all these features contribute to making the Jaguar XK-R 2007 one of the safest sports cars on the market. Inside, the car is a marvel of technology, with its 7-inch touch screen which allows for an easy control of the Audio, Dual Zone Climate Control, Bluetooth enabled telephone and Satellite Navigation System, all fitted as standards. All features considered, the Jaguar XK-R 2007 offers a thrilling driving experience, with its amazing engine power and its easy and stable handling. Elegant, stylish, powerful, it's simply the best choice for drivers with a high budget looking for an image statement.

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