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Important Car Air Conditioner Parts

The air conditioner has become a necessity to keep away the scorching heat. Even in case of traveling you need conditioned and healthy air to drive safely and comfortably. With an onset of automobile air conditioner in 1940, things have gone an automatic change.

The applications of the computerized automatic temperature control and improvements to the overall durability have ushered in a new era in the fields of automobile air conditioning system. An automobile air conditioner consists of several parts which are of utmost importance to you while you opt for choosing an air conditioner. Primarily three major types of components are there in an automobile air conditioner. There are also several other components: Pressure Regulating Devices, Orifice Tube, Thermal Expansion Valve, Receiver drier and accumulator. But as a learning guide, it is enough to know these three only in detail.

Compressor Commonly known as the heart of the air conditioning system, a compressor, a belt driven pump, is responsible for compressing and transferring refrigerant gas. Consisting of a high pressure side and a low pressure side, which are respectively known as discharge and suction points, an automobile air conditioner intakes the refrigerant gas directly from the evaporator through the low pressure side or the suction point. This sucking process can also be done by the help of an accumulator. After the gas is taken inside, it is then compressed therein; it outlets the compressed gas to the condenser through the discharge point. Inside the condenser the car-heat can be absorbed.

Condenser Inside the condenser the heat transformation of temperature generally occurs. Like the radiator in a car a condenser is supposed to radiate heat. It is placed normally in front of the radiator, though its location may differ due to the aerodynamic improvements to the body of a vehicle. It should have a good air flow while conditioning the air from inside.

Then the compressed gasses are cooled off and come out from the bottom as a high pressure liquid. Evaporator Serving as a heat absorption component, an evaporator which is commonly fixed under the passenger side dash of a car ends up removing heat from inside of your car and dehumidifying it properly. The ideal temperature of the evaporator is set at 32 Fahrenheit or 0 Celsius.

Temperature regulating device is there all the time to keep the evaporator from freezing, since a frozen evaporator can not soak up heat and moisture. Pressure regulator is also there to keep the evaporator pressure low. As a low pressure liquid the refrigerant enters the evaporator and begins to boil therein.

It absorbs a large amount of heat and passes that heat to the outside of the car.

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