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Hybrid Cars Are The Vehicles Of Choice These Days

Hybrid Cars are becoming more and more popular. Hybrids are both stylish and have a reputation for being safe and fuel efficient. With more and more consumers focusing on the ongoing problem of air pollution, it is not surprising they are drawn to hybrid Cars.

Toyota and Lexus sold over 60,000 Hybrid Cars combined since Jan 1 2006. Hybrid Vehicles are easy on the environment as well as your pocketbook. The fact that they are designed to be kind to the environment is getting the attention of many consumers, businesses, and governments. Hybrids operate using both a small gasoline engine and an electric engine.

The two work independently and together to create one of the most efficient methods of transportation. The smaller gasoline engine uses much less gasoline to operate the hybrid than a conventional gasoline powered vehicles uses. Therefore, owners of hybrids can enjoy lower fees at the gas pump. In addition, since the hybrids use less gas, they emit fewer pollutants.

And help America become less dependent on forein oil. In fact, experts agree that a typical hybrid will emit up to 90% fewer pollutants than a typical automobile. These statistics are amazing and are the cause of many new developments and incentives being offered to consumers. For instance with the purchase of a Hybrid Car you get tax incentive savings. Along with savings at the gas pump.

Here is a list of some typical hybrid cars MPG. Car Make/Model - city/hwy Honda Insight - 60/66 Toyota Prius - 60/51 Honda Civic Hybrid - 49/51 Volkswagen Golf TDI - 37/44 Volkswagen New Beetle TDI - 37/44 Volkswagen Jetta TDI - 36/41 Toyota Corolla - 32/41 Scion xA - 32/37 Hyundai Accent - 32/35 Kia Rio - 32/35 Honda Civic - 30/40 Pontiac Vibe - 30/36 Toyota Matrix - 30/36 Even some businesses are offering incentives to employees who are planning to buy, or already own hybrids. Some businesses, such as Google, are offering $5000 for each employee toward the purchase of a new hybrid. Hyperion, the software company based in Santa Clara, California is also offering this cash incentive. Most corporations set aside millions in the yearly budget in order to compensate for these incentives.

When asked, the corporations state they are giving their employees this opportunity in order to give back to the community. They feel that their locations have given to them through sales and in return they should give back to their community by providing cleaner air. Companies like Google even go so far to offer extensive group transportation schedules as well to further the positive effects on your communitys air quality. The fact that hybrids are environmentally friendly is also getting the attention of local governments across the United States. Local governments are offering free parking to hybrid drivers.

Many cities like Los Angeles are allowing hybrid owners to park for free at city lots and parking meters. This incentive is showing consumers that the local government is supporting smart and environmentally wise shopping. With everyone in a community focused on being environmentally responsible, there is a common goal that leads to a better overall community. In addition to the employers and government incentives, a few insurance companies are also offering incentives to hybrid drivers, in order to reward them for their smart choice. Although it would seem that the insurance companies were offering these discounts because statistics have shown hybrid drivers are less likely to file claims, it is not the case.

At this time there is not enough evidence, according to experts, to be able to determine the risks hybrid drivers may or may not pose for an insurance company. The companies offering incentives are simply doing so to promote smart environmental decisions by consumers. Consumers hear on the news and weather channel daily about the risks of global warming and air pollution.

When you live in a large city, there are even days when smog alerts are as serious as a tornado. It is not fiction that air pollution damages humans and the Earth. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make wise choices when it comes to pollutants. Anything consumers can possibly do to cut down on their own personal pollution levels is a great thing. With our schedules being busier than ever, it is not likely everyone can forgo their vehicle for the greater good of the planet.

However, hybrids are now offering a nice middle ground that allows everyone to profit. Consumers, corporations, and local governments are realizing the benefits. With long waiting lists in place for the newest hybrid arrivals, it is likely the hybrid will be the vehicle of the future!.

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