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How To Wax Your Car Properly For A Supreme Finish

The sheen on a showroom car is the item that many people desire. The mirror finish fascinates people of all ages. There is no doubt that a car waxed by a professional, but you can achieve the same look at home without having to pay for an expensive car detailing. The most important step is to go online and research the different car wax brands.

Some brands are mediocre at best, while more expensive brands may not be worth the money. Consumer Reports magazine actually gave Black Magic and Turtle Wax the highest ratings of all the waxes out there. Stick to nonabrasive waxes for best results. Next, wash your car thoroughly. It is often helpful to wash twice because dirt is hard to find on a wet car.

Dry the car completely before waxing. Avoid washing and waxing your car on a hot, sunny day. If it is sunny, make sure you park your car in the shade. Dampen a sponge and squirt a small amount of wax onto the damp sponge. Aim for an amount that is equal to a tablespoon or so. In a clockwise circular motion, rub the wax over every section of the car.

Think of the original "The Karate Kid" movie with the "wax on, wax off" technique. Cover the entire car with the wax and then return to the section where you started. By this point, the wax should be dry.

Cloth diapers are excellent clothes for removing wax. If not, a terry cloth towel will work. In the opposite counterclockwise direction, use small circles to buff the wax off your car. Use a moderate amount of pressure so that you are getting all the wax. Switch clothes or towels periodically so that you are not putting wax back onto your car's surface that causes those pesky streaks we all hate. When you have finished, take another clean towel or clothe and go back over the entire car one more time.

This ensures you do not leave any streaks or wax spots. After two hours, wax can damage a car's paint job. Ensure that you are working quickly enough to get all the wax off.

You must be thorough. If you find a tough stain or mark that washing hasn't removed, waxing often will do the job. Place a layer of wax on the spot and let it dry completely. Buff the wax off and repeat if necessary. Wash your towels and clothes for future waxings. Use a good quality fabric softener to guarantee that the towel will not scratch your car in the future.

It is simple to have a professional quality wax job on your car. It just takes a little elbow grease and an hour's time. You'll love the end result!.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as a car care products at

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