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How to Increase Your Gas Mileage with WATER

Whle people continue to search for ways to increase their cars gas mileage, one of the technologies that has come to the surface is converting your vehichle into a water hybrid. Is this really possible and can you really do it yourself? As I was researching ways to increase gas mileage, I learned about a relatively unknown way to significantly increase any car's gas mileage by using water to supplement the fuel with hydrogen for a better fuel burn. However, the idea of running your car on water sounded absurd so I was skeptical about this "simple technology" These are just some of the claims made: Water fuel will enable your vehicle to become at least 40% more fuel efficient. Water fuel will boost performance while producing cleaner emissions.

You can receive IRS refunds owed to you by law for using green technology in your vehicle! 100% safe/legal - guaranteed! Uses regular tap water, nothing special for you to be able to realize significant gas savings. Could this be real or just another internet scam. This is what I discovered. Can you really run your car on water? Well, not exactly.

Your car will still use gas as it's primary source of combustion. You will be supplementing that fuel with hydrogen. What you are going to be doing with Water Fuel technology is creating an extremely cost-effective hydrogen powered hybrid (Water Hybrid) by taking advantage of the atomic constituents of water molecules, hydrogen and oxygen (H2O). The conversion to a water hybrid uses inexpensive parts that you can find at any local hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowes. When setup, a small amount of power is used from your car's battery to seperate the water molecules into HHO gas.

This gas is then fed into the intake of your vehicle creating a more efficient burn for your fuel. This is why you can achieve significant increases in gas mileage. Free energy is generated by making your engine operate more efficiently!!! Your car engine currently uses 20% of the energy stored in that expensive fuel - and WASTES 80% for heat, pollution (unburned fuel!) and vibration. HHO gas is very stable and burns incredibly well as a significant power source and the conversion really is simple to set up with the guides that are floating around the internet today, however many people have doubts such as: Is this process safe? Water fuel is safe for your car's engine.

Water Fuel (HHO gas) is supplemental to fuel and will actually create a cooler burn that causes less wear and tear on your car's engine. This technology works with all vehicles but it works best with? Water fuel technology works with any kind of gasoline or diesel powered vehicle, however it is geared towards fuel economy, not minimizing power loss. For this reason, vehicles such as giant SUVs and trucks will not see as large of an increase in fuel economy as lighter, less demanding vehicles. In conclusion, water fuel technology does work and can save 40% or more in fuel costs while significantly increasing your vehicles gas mileage. The technology is simple to install and will not adversly affect your engine nor does it void your warranty.

Before you purchase a water fuel conversion guide. Check out our review of the top three guides available for increasing gas mileage.

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