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How To Choose A High Performance Fuel Injection Kit For Your Truck

The price of gas is starting to get more and more expensive as the price of gas goes up many people are looking for accessories to add to their truck in order to improve their gas mileage. There are not very many accessories that can really help your gas mileage but many people are starting to look into ways to increase their power using cold air intake systems. High-performance cold air intake systems help engines run on the air by trapping and filtering the air as it comes into the engine. Most regular fuel injected vehicles have a filter that is not a space mounted filter on top of the engine like of the carburetors of cars and trucks do. With a cold air intake system there is usually some kind of divider that separates how the air filters and enters into the engine. These intake systems provide cold air coming through the grill of the truck this is a more appealing option than grabbing warm air from under the hood.

Because cold air is more dance it is better for your fuel injector and willing hands the horsepower of your truck. You can purchase performance kits that include all the hardware you will need to install your cold air intake system. Actually installing the system may not take very long for somebody who knows what they're doing; a skilled mechanic should be able to complete the task in only a couple of hours. When your system has been installed you may actually hear the air as it enters the filter. When you are going slow you may only here a small noise, but as you start going faster you will hear a much louder roaring.

Most people who have a cold air intake system actually think this roaring is a pretty cool sound and do not find it very annoying. Many manufacturers claim that by using a cold air intake system you'll actually get better gas mileage with your truck. But unfortunately there's not any hard documentation to prove this fact. So for now the only reason for installing a system like this is because they are better for your engine and if you like the cool roaring noise that you get when going fast.

If you are not a mechanic and still would like to get a cold air intake system try visiting your local mechanic and asking them if they think it would be a good fit for your truck. You might also want to check out and see if anybody else has a cold air intake system already on their truck that you could possibly take a look at or hear about for having one installed on your truck. With the increasing price of gas any little thing that you do to help save gas and save you money is a great idea. Although the cold air intake system is not proven to reduce gas mileage many people have done their own experiments with it and asked down that they do get better gas mileage with this type of system installed on their truck.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as a truck accessories at

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