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How Maintaining Your Tires Properly Will Save You Money

For all of you out there that are grumbling about the ever rising price of gasoline, how many of you have truly considered ways that will save your precious fuel. Sure, you probably considered car pooling or maybe are even actively doing it. Others will swelter in the summertime, afraid that using the air conditioner will increase the amount of fuel that is consumed. The question is have you ever considered if your tires are costing you gas money? When your tires are correctly inflated, it can save you money. If your tires are under inflated, they are pliant and cause too much friction with the road.

This causes your engine to work extra, driving up your gas needs. If they are too soft they can lower your gas mileage by .4 percent for every pound in drop of pressure. According to the Department of Energy, correctly inflated wheels can increase your gas efficiency by 3 %. When your wheels are correctly inflated they will offer you a smoother ride, better vehicle handling, and better gas mileage. If you don't know what the proper pressure is for your car, you can find that information on the inside of the glove compartment, or your car manual.

The label will list a PSI, and you should use the highest number possible to increase your gas efficiency. Not only should your wheels have the right PSI, they should also be evenly inflated. When cold weather rolls around, your wheels will need some TLC. When the temperature drops 10 degrees your tire pressure drops 1 lb, which adds to the rolling resistance. If the pressure drops quickly, it is recommended that you check your tire pressure with a store bought PSI gauge. Correct tire alignment will also help in gas economy.

Your wheels should be aligned at least once every 12 months. If your wheels aren't lined up straight they will drag and not roll correctly, which adds to the resistance and increases your gas consumption. Balancing your wheels is a good idea too. When your car's tires are out of balance you will feel strong vibrations as you steer.

These vibrations will lead to a shortened suspension life and uneven wear on your wheels. When you rotate your wheels you are saving even more money at the pump. When your wheels are rotated you are distributing the wear more evenly throughout all 4 wheels. You can find the recommended rotation for your vehicle in its manual.

The type of tire you choose for your car also affects your car's gas economy. Before you replace your wheels you should take into consideration the kind of car you have and which wheels will do the best job. Consulting the owner's manual is a helpful idea that can take the guess work out of tire shopping. The best attributes of a replacement tire are low rolling resistance and durability. When your wheels are properly maintained you will see a difference at the pump, putting more money in your pockets and less gas in your tank!.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as a car polish at

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