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Garage equipment from Europes Leading Manufacturer

Tyre Bay Direct are emerging as a leading force in garage equipment supplying tyre changing machines, wheel balancers, Alignment equipment, air compressors and tools. Combine this with their supply of consumable items such as wheel balance weights, tubeless valves, tyre tools and repair materials they really are the one stop shop for any garage or fast fit centre. Their range of machinery covers all fields, from the new start or small tyre fitting business, right through to professional large scale machinery. With more and more people starting their own tyre fitting service, their standard specification machinery and special packages mean set-up costs are minimized. What's more, they can offer finance options on all the equipment they sell, as well as full warranty and after sales support from a team of highly trained and experienced engineers.

For the more established tyre fitting business, looking for state of the art tyre machinery, Tyre Bay Direct are proud to be UK distributors of Ravaglioli equipment. Ravaglioli Spa is one of the world`s top-ranking companies in the garage equipment industry. Based in Bologna Italy, they are one of Europe`s leading manufacturer of lifts and tyre equipment. Ravaglioli, produce a whole range of tyre changers, wheel balancers and Wheel alignment equipment.

You can even visit Tyre Bay Direct to see a full demonstration of the latest G1200.34IT "lever less" technology tyre changer as well as a range of other equipment. "The Ravaglioli range of equipment is comprehensive and that gives us the ability to provide equipment that suits every individual's specification" says Leigh Stote, Managing Director at Tyre Bay Direct. "We are not restricted to a few models like other distributors so can offer and advise the customer, depending on their specific requirements.

This allows us to provide what the customer actually needs and it's our honest, impartial advice, as well as this full range of equipment, that sets us aside from other suppliers." Tyre Bay Direct are not just at the forefront of technology in the tyre changer and balancing market either. Tyre Bay Direct supply compressed air solutions and Nitrogen inflation systems to many Formula 1 teams, including Williams F1, McLaren, Honda and Ferrari. Whether it be compressors, Nitrogen inflation or advanced tyre habituation systems their experience in the supply and service of compressors, in the most pressured situations, is unparalleled. "Our experience of over 15 years in Formula 1 Grand Prix has given us a wealth of knowledge in the supply of compressed air solutions.

" Leigh Stote explains. "We provide this experience to our retail customers and this results in them securing the ideal compressed air system for their application." As Authorized distributors of Hydrovane, Atlas Copco and ABAC machinery, there is a great range to choose from all of which can be installed and maintained by Tyre Bay Direct's own engineers.

David Lynes is author of this article on Tyre Machines. Find more information about Tyre Equipment here.

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