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Facts You Need to Know About Hybrid Cars

Hybrid car has become immensely popular after Honda Motors and Toyota Motor Corporation introduced these cars in the US market in 2000. The US Government offers incentives to those willing to buy hybrid car and many corporations are willing to provide free parking. Why have these hybrid cars become so popular? You need to know some facts about the hybrid car as to why it has become so popular. However one must understand the meaning of hybrid. Hybrid means that something additional has been mixed with the original.

A hybrid car has a gas engine as well as an electric motor which runs on batteries. These batteries get automatically charged when the vehicle is running. There is thus no extra effort required to charge the batteries separately. Almost all the hybrids primarily use gas engine, but is also fitted with an electric motor, which is activated when more power is needed. Anyone of them or both of them can be used to run the car.

When the car stops the gasoline engine also stops automatically. As soon as the gas pedal is pressed again the engine comes back to life immediately. During the off condition of the engine, essentials such as lights, radio, etc are kept on with the help of battery. The off state being extremely silent can deceive the driver as well as the parking attendant. Fortunately, lighting indication is provided to show the idle condition of the engine.

There are numerous direct and indirect advantages of hybrid cars. The most talked about advantage of hybrid cars is its fuel economy and a higher mileage. Secondly, the hybrid cars use less fuel and are environmental friendly because there are less pollutants being emitted into the atmosphere. Hybrid cars are lightweight because they are made of aluminum and plastic. The manufacturers have taken care of the safety measures of the hybrid cars by providing specialized shaped panels to the body of the car, which provides strength to withstand impact of any kind. The main advantage of the hybrid car is that it reduces the overall cost of running a car and keeps the atmosphere clean and healthy for everyone of us.

You will be wiser about the hybrid car provided you knew the facts you needed to know about the Hybrid Car. These are the reasons sufficient for you to decide in favor of hybrid cars and discharge your responsibility of being a responsible citizen besides saving substantially on your monthly fuel bill.

Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. Get patented car care products at

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