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In a world of where standalone engine management systems seem like the only option, we have found the perfect solution. By remapping your existing ECU with live emulation on the dyno, power delivery will be smooth, reliable and your vehicle will retain its original driving characteristics and safety features. What do you think about that? Using high-precision tools such as Mustang MD-AWD-500-SE all wheel drive dynamometer, knock recorder, EGT sensors, wide-band oxygen sensors and various forms of data-logging, you can be sure you will be provided with the most precise unitronic tune available. By modifying the engines timing, boost levels, fuel mixture and applying the correct formula for it all to work in sync you have stock-like drivability guaranteed.

The main goal of the custom tuning service is to offer the market a very reliable, clean and cost efficient method to extract the most from your engine. Have you heard, for example, about the Mustang Dynamometers? They are loading dynamometers designed to duplicate real world operating conditions. The control system uses eddy current power absorbers to load a vehicle exactly the way it would be loaded on the street including wind resistance, which is a significant factor in high-speed testing. Mustang dynamometers also feature a load cell to measure the power being applied to the rollers. Without going into a lot of theory, a Mustang dynamometer gives you a real world tune, every time.

This state-of-the-art dynamometer with air/fuel ratio meter, wide-band O2 sensor and boost sensor provides advanced tuning capabilities to tune, measure, record, and diagnose performance problems quickly. It is used to perform before and after dynamometer testing on your vehicle to ensure complete customer satisfaction. What more would you ask or expect from a dyno service? For most European cars, such as Audi, Volkswagen, GTI, Jetta, Golf, Beetle, New Beetle, Bug, Passat, VR6, BMW, and Porsche (you name it!) unitronic uses the MD-AWD-500-SE to research and develop aggressive yet reliable performance software.

The dyno services are offered to the public for base line runs or tuning with the client providing their own tuner. To have an idea about the costs, Dyno rental and tuning (RWD, FWD and AWD) services, like Base Line 3 runs will cost no more than $100.00; 1 hour Dyno rental (includes Air/fuel and Boost) - $150.

00; 3 hours package rental (includes Air/fuel and Boost) - $350.00; Custom tuning on Dyno at $150/hr (does not include price of chip). And that's not all.

Big turbo R32 owners can now resolve their tuning issues! In November, last year, the R32T on 630cc software was released, after many months of labor, research, testing and preparation. Since its advent, this project has changed the way r32 owners drive their cars! And we know, that even today, many cannot get proper tuning for their R32T! We should all be able to push these cars and make our driving experience an unbelievable one! As fast as 144mph and 10.75 seconds on a 1/4mile! Pure Fun! Pure Power! We should get this amazing software! Yes, only then we would be talking about a record breaker! Want some ponies? How about a stunning 462WHP and 374wtq?! Don't believe it? It was all over the news. This is what happens when you use a perfectly made setup and the proper Tuning software! Of course, all testing was performed on a Mustang Dyno.

Welcome to the world of quality and performance. Welcome to Unitronic! As you know, tuning is a very meticulous and precisely calculated art. You need the proper recipe to make the perfect file and knowledge is the main ingredient.In our development center we are constantly pushing the limits, allowing us to offer the most precise software available for all types of applications:

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