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Car Donations Make You Money

Have you ever wondered who you might be helping if you chose to donate a car to charity? The possibilities are almost endless and the gift of a car is an incredible one for helping give people a hand up instead of a hand out. When you think about it, in most major areas a car is vital for everything. People without decent cars cannot get to work, the grocery store, school, doctors' appointments and so on. Considering this, it's vital for just about everyone to have a vehicle to ensure their lives. So, who could you be helping if you choose to help by donating cars to charity? * A homeless person.

It's possible that if you choose to help others by donating a car to charity that your donation would go to help a homeless person rebuild their life. Since transportation is often one of the most vital and expensive links involved in independence, the gift could go a long way in helping. * A single mother.

When it comes to buying a new car, few single mothers can afford one. Since everything that involves the children and caring for them will require transportation, a gift to charity could really help here. Donating a car to charity organizations that assist single parent families can result in a mom making sure there's food on the table and she can be available to pick up kids after school. It could mean that mother can get a job. Or, it could mean she has the freedom to go to the store or take the kids to the doctors.

* A struggling family. Donating cars to charity can even result in helping working families make ends meet. In a society that often requires two incomes to survive, two cars are almost a necessity. But, even those two are needed, it can be very hard for a family to buy and maintain two cars. When you donate a car to charity, you could really help make a difference for a family that wants to remain independent. When you make the decision to donate a car to charity you never can tell who or how many people your gift could really help.

A car is such a vital link for independence and survival in today's society, that a donation of a car to charity would mean the difference between getting by or getting ahead. The best things about donating a car to charity are: * It's a real hand up instead of a handout. Donating a car to charity gives someone a means to an end, but it's not the end itself. * A sense of truly helping. Donating a car to charity is much more than just writing a check.

A car is a tool a person can use to ensure a better life. * Tax deductible. When you choose to donate a car to charity, you can see a real benefit on your taxes. Choosing to donate a car to charity can open doors for a whole host of people.

Helping a person help themselves, this kind of donation is unlike any other.

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beneficiaries of car donations

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