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Who doesn't just love getting into their car, cranking up the stereo, and screaming their favorite lyrics till their vocal chords bleed. More.We all do it. Doesn't matter, if it's a long or short drive. Even the most mild mannered of us enjoy the simple pleasure of a solo drive with your favorite tunes washing over you in your own car audio disco. In this world of constant and increasing responsibilities, information overload, bad news, and disappointment, we all need a place to escape for just a little bit.

Even if I'm really just taking a mundane drive to pick up some groceries, I can be my favorite rock star till I get there. With the car stereo turned up nice and loud, I can sing at the top of my lungs, and don't actually have to hear my voice. Which of course is a good thing, as my voice isn't really meant for human consumption. Plus, it would just spoil the whole "suspension of disbelief" thing. Besides, some music just sounds better loud, through a great car audio stereo unit, backed up by great car audio speakers.

Steering Wheel By Buddy Rich Of course, every good song blasting through the car speakers needs a good drummer. And hey I have some experience here. I was a bit of a rock star drummer during my formative years. And obviously, since I am responsible for driving the car while rocking out to the old car audio, I can't very well fit a drum kit between me and the steering wheel. Heaven forbid I get into an accident with the neighbors cat, and that crazy air bag goes off. Not a pretty picture in my brain.

However, most steering wheels will substitute as a drum kit anyway. 10 and 2 o'clock on the steering wheel provide positions for both a ride and crash cymbal. The middle supporting piece makes for a great snare and tom-tom, while 4 thru 8 o'clock are my favorite position for roto-tom runs.

And of course, in a pinch, the dashboard is close enough to substitute for a rockin' cowbell, or any other ancillary percussion instruments your favorite song may require. Car Guitar Fools While no good car audio band would be complete without some excellent guitar players, I must profess to having little talent in this area. This may be a time when it becomes necessary to have other passengers. Preferably very young or otherwise uninhibited passengers, as most reasonably minded adults look totally silly playing air guitar on their seat belt. In my mind air guitar makes anyone look like a damn fool, no matter how cool they really are.

Seat belt air guitar, is even worse. I however am fortunate enough to have one such young passenger, who has no problem "air guitairing" her seat belt, with the car audio cranking. Her specialty is of course "We Are The Champions". Taking It On The Road And of course now our band is complete. What more do you need? A great car stereo, some thunder shaking speakers, the latest MP3 / CD / iPod plugged in, and obviously little fear of the volume switch.

And yea, one more thing. An excuse to go for a drive. Any drive. After all, your screaming fans await your next performance. Don't forget the milk.

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