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Can A Car Really Run On Water

The dependency on foreign oil is really taking its toll on the overall population of the US. Many people have noticed that gas prices are only rising and their pockets and bank accounts are being drained just to go back and forth to the store. It may seem hard to believe for some people but most lower and middle class Americans hardly have money left to go grocery shopping after paying the gas bill. For long time the big oil companies have tied to keep it under wraps that there indeed is a way to run your car on water. This is the reason why there are not cars with the technology already in the making or on the market for people to buy. However, there are plenty of places on the net that you can get the instructions and materials to make your car run on water.

This technology has been around almost 100 years but it has never had any kind of financial backing nor has it been publicly released due to political reasons. If word got around and everyone was transforming their cars to use water instead of gas the oil companies would loose so much money that it would put most of them out of business. Also because the world is so dependent on oil that if everyone used this technology there would be so much more money in people's pockets. The technology is simple really; the device takes electricity from the battery in your vehicle and uses it to separate the water into HHO, which is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. Once the gas has run its course through the vehicle the only thing the car emits is H2O or more commonly known as water. Basically HHO will generate the automatic power of the hydrogen and preserve the constancy of H2O.

You will not even have to change your engine; all that you have to do is connect the device that will enable you car to run significantly better on water. In addition, as long as this technology has been out there, no one has ever noticed any harm to the engine from using water as a fuel source. So not only is it good for the environment but this change is good for your car too. So many people around the world are already using this technology in their cars and are "living" proof that it actually works.

In fact, some experts say that pretty soon the technology will catch on and it will be standard in most new vehicles. One of the experts even said that he predicts the technology will be in full circulation in just a few short years. However, since the manufactures have not caught on yet, it is up to us to start this trend off right and make it last. There you have it, not only do the experts say that it works but there is also proof that it works. Therefore, the long awaited answer to the question "Can A Car Really Run On Water?" is yes. Everyone should be using this amazing technology now and not waiting until manufactures start producing cars with the system built in.

Now is the best time to stop being so tolerant of high gas prices and start using one of the world's most renewable resources.

If you'd like to see how you can run a car on water and contribute to the environment and save gas at the sometime, you can find out at

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