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Buy A New Truck Camper To Get The Most Out Of Your New Truck

Hitch your Wagon to a Star with New Truck Campers Do thoughts of lumpy sleeping bags, cold hot dogs and collapsing tents scare you away from camping outside? If so, there's no longer reason to be afraid. Three manufactures of truck campers have released models that make it possible to bring the creature comforts of home along for the ride while testing your skills in the great outdoors. From the manufacturer Lance come the models listed below. Lance Lite Series 815: A shower, toilet, sink, heater, and stove are just a few of the amenities this camper has to offer. After a long day outside, you'll also be able to get a good night's sleep in the queen sized bed this self contained camper provides for your comfort.

Lance Series 951: Improved for 2006, the Lance Series 951 gives you more bang for your buck by adding more storage and tank capacities than previous models have in the past. It also includes a dinette eating area and refrigerator and comes complete with a top of the line roof and fiber glass exterior. Lance Series 1181: A premier camper that really does include everything?and the kitchen sink! With a dry bath, large pantry, ample drawers for storage, extensive counter space, a full sized refrigerator and wardrobe, the Lance Series 1181 is ideal for those who can make do with the bare necessities.

From the manufacturer Palomino: Ideal to tow from your pick up truck, the lightweight Bronco won't weight you down during your travels. This folding model, operated by a manual crank, has tough side walls, a durable vinyl roof and lots of room to relax. Affordable and rugged, the Yearling is a great choice for those looking to charter new ground. Complete with the all the niceties you need when on the road, this camper is perfect for a family looking for easy living and great value.

Get ready to roll with this aerodynamic hybrid trailer called the Stampede. Completely furnished with a roomy living area and additional storage space, adds to the appeal of this all-aluminum option from Palomino. From the manufacturer Bigfoot: 1500 Series In need of an RV? Look to the four models of the 1500 Series. Crafted from molded fiberglass and polystyrene insulation, each of the Bigfoot options available top quality appliances and three different interior looks from which to select. 2500 Series Camp in rain or shine with this weather resistant, durable camper. Well insulated and constructed, campers in this series come complete with exterior storage space and a wastewater holding tank heated by a furnace.

3000 Series The wide-body series from Bigfoot uses their exclusive Fibercore Wall System to provide a superior level of insulation. Campers in the 3000 Series also include all of the features Bigfoot makes standard in their models, like a dual battery compartment and a high output furnace.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as discount truck accessories at

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