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Women Racing - Girls Like Them Fast And Furious Too!

by Sue DeFiore

While today we have women racing in Indy, NASCAR and a variety of different racing venues, years ago this wasn’t the case.

In fact, during the era I grew up in women were looked upon in a very different light. If you deviated from the norm you were labeled as a “tomboy”. However, there were many, like myself who loved to drive, work on cars and got a lot of satisfaction in doing so. Just because we did
however, didn’t mean we weren’t women, girls, ladies, whatever you wish to be called.

Many of us so called “tomboys” were the product of being first born girls with dads who wanted the prodigal son first, but got a daughter instead. My dad and I watched sports together, baseball, football, basketball. In fact, my dad was the neighborhood dad (those who grew up when I did will understand) and played with all the kids in the neighborhood. We would have touch football games, kickball, baseball, t-ball and even badminton and volleyball games.

I developed an avid interest in cars, because my dad worked for Rolls Royce and was always bringing some great cars home. He brought home Joe Namath’s Jaguar, a Silver Cloud Rolls Royce (owned by one of the builders in the area I grew up). In fact I got to drive it, which was a thrill to say the least.

Cars had character back then, you could tell them apart. While my dad for years drove a Ford Station wagon (for business), he also owned Dodge’s and some Chevy’s. My mother loved the Mustang and got one in 1965. I liked them bigger, so my first car was a 1962 Chevy Belair (2 door). I nicknamed her “The Black Beauty” she was a great car.

My dad showed me how to change my oil and filter, and to take care of my car. We also worked on the brakes and much more together. I would spend a whole day, cleaning, washing and waxing that car. It was the perfect car for my “lead foot”. I can’t count the number of cars that would pull up next to me, and reeve up their engines thinking “It’s a girl, she’ll never beat me off the line”! Well, how wrong they were. I can count on one hand those that took me off the line!

I hung around with a group of friends, mostly guys, but some girls also. The cars were varied, Mustangs, Vettes, Chargers, Chevelle’s and a multitude of street cars. We all loved cars and
driving them, and especially driving them to their limits. Which we did! Did us girls always beat the guys, nah, but it was sure fun when we did!

So remember, next time you come up next to a lady driver, “Girls like them Fast and Furious Too!

Copyright 2010 DeFiore Enterprises

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