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Performance Pulleys

High-performance street cars have one big disadvantage: They still have to act like street cars most of the time. That means running power-robbing accessories like power steering, air conditioning, an alternator, and even an air pump. But there is a solution to free up horsepower while still maintaining your street car's creature comforts: Install a set of underdrive pulleys. Underdrive pulleys, also known as performance pulleys, drive your car or truck's accessories at a slower rate than stock. That means that the engine doesn't work as hard spinning the performance pulleys and the accessories attached to them--less work driving accessories means more work driving your wheels. The bottom line is that underdrive pulleys can free up as much as 15 horsepower. That's a lot of ponies for a few hundred bucks or less. We stock a variety of underdrive pulleys from industry leaders like Unorthodox Racing pulleys. Many underdrive pulley configurations are available, allowing you to tweak the amount of underdrive built in to your pulley set, a great feature for those of you wanting to run a full-speed alternator but still get gains through the power steering and air conditioning pulleys. Whatever your needs, we can supply a performance pulley set suited to your configuration.

AEM Performance Pulleys

Free horsepower! It's just sitting there under your hood, being soaked up by your accessories. Your power steering pump, alternator, and air conditioning compressor are all being driven by your engine at higher speeds than are really necessary. The manufacturers designed them that way to offer some reserve, but you'd really rather have your horsepower back, right? Then look no further than AEM performance pulleys. AEM pulleys are an underdrive pulley system. That means AEM performance pulleys reduce the amount of drive power needed to run your accessories. And you still get excellent power steering, alternator, and A/C response when using an AEM underdrive pulley set. Don't worry about durability either: AEM pulleys are constructed of billet aluminum components, which are lighter and stronger than your stock pulleys. To finish the package, all AEM pulley sets include new premium belts sized specifically for your application. Why would you give away power? Get it back with AEM performance pulleys, and get your AEM pulleys from us, where you know you'll get the best prices available. We have hundreds of AEM pulley applications in stock, so get your order in now!

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