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Performance Chip

Back in the muscle car days, fiddling with carburetor settings and distributor advance curves could yield huge horsepower gains. Today though, the fuel injection, ignition, and hundreds of other functions that used to be adjusted with a screwdriver are all controlled by computers. What's a tweaker to do? Let the computer do the work with a high performance chip! Auto performance chips and truck performance chips fit all the tricks of the old-time tuners onto a single computer chip, remapping your engine's systems to give you more power and more torque. High-quality auto performance chips and truck performance chips, like those from Jet performance chips, optimize the fuel/air ratio and spark map in your engine for the enthusiast driver. You still get great fuel mileage and clean emissions from a performance chip, but the engine operates at its full potential. You're not an average driver, so why use a stock engine chip designed for an average driver? Jet performance chips are emissions legal, fully-warranted, and will not affect the durability of your engine. Do you have a turbo engine, supercharged engine, or diesel engine? A Jet performance chip will help you extract the most from your motor. In fact, most pressurized engines and diesels are made with so much reserve capacity that a turbo motor chip or diesel performance chip can make a huge difference. And if you're planning on adding even more aftermarket goodies to your engine, the Jet performance chip will produce even more power and torque. So whether you need a Honda performance chip or a Powerstroke diesel performance chip, Jet performance chips has what you need. Extract the most out of your engine by installing one of our performance chips and see what you've been missing.

Hypertech Performance Chip

The engineers at Hypertech performance think it's unfortunate that we all have to suffer because of "average drivers." You know, the people who put 87-octane gas in a turbo car, change the oil every 10,000 miles, and think that they rotate their tires every time they drive. Car makers have to design vehicles, and vehicle electronics, with these folks in mind. But the folks at Hypertech performance chips know you're different. You'll use high-octane gasoline and synthetic oil if it means you'll get the most out of your car. And as a reward, Hypertech performance chips will extract more power and more torque from your ride. When customizing the fuel/air/ignition map for your individual vehicle Hypertech performance chips actually does things the old-fashioned way: Trial and error. Hypertech performance chips runs a dynamometer and checks each of their changes to see how much the change affected power, and what else might provide more. That way, Hypertech performance chips can deliver the most power every time. Worried about emissions? Don't be: Almost all Hypertech performance chips are legal for sale and installation in all 50 states. So you can get the Hypertech performance advantage without worrying about the law. Check out our extensive listing of Hypertech performance chips. We have Hypertech performance chips available for most popular makes and models, and always with the best prices and fast delivery.

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