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Nerf Bar

A nerf bar is not a spongy, soft bat that you can use to whack your little brother over the head with. Rather, nerf bar is just another term for side step bar. You know, the things on the side of your truck--or at least you wish they were on the side of your truck. A nerf bar set can make getting into and out of your tall pickup a lot easier for you and the smaller members of your family. In slippery or icy conditions, you can consider a nerf bar to be a safety feature too, since it can prevent a nasty fall. Of course, like all truck accessories, the nerf bar is mainly there to look really good. And we carry a nerf bar selection that pretty much has all the shapes and styles covered, allowing you to get the truck nerf bar or SUV nerf bar you have in mind. That includes the most popular style, the chrome nerf bar with black steps, and the second most popular style, the black powder-coated nerf bar. All nerf bar sets come complete with installation instructions and all hardware, so all you need to do is find your socket set and you're good to go. A nerf bar kit is heavy, which shouldn't bother you since we're going to pay for the shipping. That's right, whenever you order at least a $50 nerf bar set (which is pretty much all of them) we'll spring for the shipping costs. You're already getting our wholesale pricing on your nerf bar, so what are you waiting for? Order a nerf bar kit today and get the deal of a lifetime.

Dee Zee nerf bars

How wide do you want to go? Whether it's 3 inches, 4 inches, or 5 inches, there's a Dee Zee nerf bar that's perfect for you. For a smaller truck, a narrower Dee Zee nerf bar will add just the right touch of chrome to the lower section of your vehicle. Larger vehicles, and larger feet, will appreciate the wider Dee Zee nerf bar products, which will better complement the size of your truck. Whichever Dee Zee nerf bar you choose, though, you'll always get the great quality inherent in every Dee Zee nerf bar. For example, you'll get a padded stepping surface and a premium finish on your Dee Zee nerf bar to give you better traction. And powder-coated hardware keeps the brackets on your Dee Zee nerf bar in as good a shape as the bar itself, year in and year out. For the finest in rust protection, choose the Elite Dee Zee nerf bar with its chrome-over-stainless construction. A lifetime warranty proves that this Dee Zee nerf bar is built for the long haul. The easiest thing about picking a Dee Zee nerf bar for your truck is choosing where to buy it. We guarantee the lowest Dee Zee nerf bar prices anywhere on the web, and we'll match a lower price if you find it. Couple that with our free shipping on every Dee Zee nerf bar set we sell, and it's obvious that we're your best source for Dee Zee nerf bar products anywhere.

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