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Mud Flaps

If you think the term "mud flaps" only goes with C.B. radios and long-haul semi trucks, think again. Mud flaps, commonly called mud guards or splash guards, are a great feature to have on your pickup truck, SUV, and even your car. Why? Because mud flaps and splash guards keep mud, snow, slush, and road debris contained within your vehicle's wheel well. And the more muck you keep off your car or truck's finish, the less chance you have of experiencing the kind of paint damage and rust problems that mud flaps and splash guards can prevent. Keep your car or truck cleaner and protect your finish from corrosion with a set of mud flaps or splash guards from our huge inventory. We stock heavy-duty mud flaps made from durable polymer materials, as well as custom-fit contoured splash guards designed to accent the lines of your car or truck. Not only do our mud flaps and splash guards look good, but you're doing your vehicle, and yourself, a favor the next time the weather turns nasty.

Husky Mud Flaps

Do you live in an area where snow, slush, and mud is a fact of life in the winter and spring? How about an area with frequent rain? If you answered yes to either of these scenarios, you should consider adding Husky mud flaps or Husky splash guards to your vehicle. Not only do Husky mud guards protect the sides of your car, truck, van, or SUV from splashed-on road debris, but Husky mud flaps will also lessen the amount of muck that gets into your door sill area. We've all ruined a pair of pants climbing out of a dirty car or truck in the wintertime--Husky mud guards will lessen the chances of that happening. And for owners of trucks, vans, and SUVs, Husky mud flaps will reduce the amount of material that gets sprayed onto your running boards or step bars. Running boards don't do much good when they're covered with snow and slush, so your Husky mud guards will help keep you safe when the weather isn't cooperating. Husky mud flaps and Husky splash guards are available here for a wide variety of vehicles. Husky mud flaps can be ordered in flat styles or contoured to fit the vehicle's lines, and Husky mud guards are easy to install. Best of all, you can have Husky mud flap protection at our incredibly low prices, all just a click away.

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